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tv   Interview on Elle and Coach  CSPAN  January 23, 2016 6:54pm-7:05pm EST

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problem. it is hard per to do. so you know, he was basically making point these things are hard or to scale than sound and vision are which is actually what you're saying. all right is there a time -- time is up. thank you so much you've been a wonderful audience. great to be here. thank you. [applause] right now on booktv we want to intercourse you to author named stephanie shaheem what are you writing about? >> i wrote a nonfiction narrative about my oldest
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daughter diagnosed with type one diabetes eight years ago and welcomed coach into her life. a trained dog who detects changes in her blood sugar so when she's low or high which is dangerous he can detects that using a sense of smell and he alerts her that thing is wrong and she needs to do something about it. so it has been an incredible journey she was first pediatric patient to try pancreatic. and coach has totally transformed her life. >> now what is type one diabetes? >> type one diabetes is auto-immune disease means her body doesn't produce any insulin on its own so she takes insulin to survive so she takes eight to ten shots a day and pricks her finger to test her blood sugar. >> how old? >> just turned 16 and about to mark diagnosis date which is later this month. and this will be first time she's basically lived long we
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are diabetes than she's lived without it. diagnosed with soto mayor. >>so they know it genetic market they know there's a genetic component. and so crown by over course of time you lose your ability to produce insulin whatsoever, and it's a challenge for a young child is when you're active and you have gym class one day and high and low blood sugars are really dangerous so low blood sugar can cause seizure and damage to your organ or over a long prflt. so coach helping her catch high and lows before she catches symptoms is helping keep her healthy. >> seen coach in action? >> oh, it's incredible. just the other day, i was in the shower, and elie in her bedroom cleaning her bedroom and door closed she had vacuum on and he
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went up two flights of stairs to alert me something was wrong. he alerted her in the middle of the night and she's woken up and treated herself with low blood sugar. he's really changed her life. >> you have somebody here with you. who's your special guest today? >> so lucky, i have my mom senator gene from new hampshire. elie is first and oldest granddaughter, grandchild so proud of elie all she's done. co-chairs diabetes caucus and senate, so they together have been on frontlines trying to activity for better treatment. >> what is the goal of the diabetes talk? >> well, you know, diabetes is very personal for me, as you've heard. because it's my granddaughter but a huge policy issue because diabetes is extensive it is a illness and it's something that the earlier we catch it, the
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more support we provide for people with education and treatment. the better we can minimize the impact and also we want to put money into research so that we can find a cure. that's the goal. and so that's what the diabetes caucus is all about. is advocating for treatment, for research so that we can really change this disease. >> given your -- description, diabetes is not preventable at this point? >> at this point we don't know what trig rs the onset. we know type two diabetes is preventable. in the case of type one what we're really focused on is advancing the treatment so right now it's really difficult to maintain healthy blood sugars and high blood sugars in type one and type two people cause same implications. and so things like bioonic pancreas and best and brightest
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scientists in this country are finding ways to regenerate and to e raticate that disease and we need more willing to put themselves out there and sign on to clinical trials and she's getting ready to enroll in another one, and ultimately going to transform the course of the disease. >>senator i saw you shaking your head yes. >> we want to make people aware eve of the disease. we want to make people aware that there's research ongoing that we can improve the live it is of people with diabetes both type one and type two, and that's the goal of the diabetes caucus as well. one of the great things about having -- stephanie is they understand what they hear these stories
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what a difference it can make to be out there advocating. >> one thing i want to share coach was trained by a correctional facility in kansas, and inmate name haded michael dedicated almost a year of his life in this facility to training coach o. he got to meet michael and this is first time he saw that he can do something good in the world. one of the benefit of sharing our story we need more correctional facilities willing to let inmate bees trained to do this training because it's saving families, and incredible amount of money. so because he's doing training that's saving on to families so dogs can be more affordable and we need more correctional facilities willing to let in mateses to trainings. they have signed on and hoping to do or many of that because ultimately barrier for more dog an families is trainers so we have to get training programs up and running.
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>> my world turned upside down. i did not no anything. it was a years ago. oldest of four children. and instantly my wife became but doing everything i could to keep her alive. one miscalculation of insulin kids enter into a seizure. this is the kind of thing you never get a break from. there is no reprieve. it is something i carry every day. every night i worry. as my husband's alarm set. it never goes away.
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sixteen getting ready to learn how to drive. the idea of more independence is terrifying for me. knowing that we have advancements and advocates makes me feel hopeful. >> here is the book. stephanie shaheen is the author.
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>> we are talking with professors who are also authors. we are pleased to be joined by jerry apps. his book is called limping through life. what is polio?


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